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Welcome to The Zelda Project

The Zelda Project is a Los Angeles, CA based group of fans who seek to bring to life the characters, settings, and overall feel of Ocarina of Time through photography and film.

A labor of love, this project combines all aspects of art from costuming & photography to CGI visual effects.  Our end goal is that we hope those of you who view our work are brought a little bit more into the world of Hyrule through our art.

First Video Blog is Live!

<p>Hello everyone,<br /> This is the first in a series of many vlogs to come which provide a look  behind the scenes of “The Zelda Project” (a.k.a. TZP) Watch along as  Joellen and I take you on a tour of Los Angeles’ very own Garment  District in an effort to locate the materials needed to bring this  monster of a project into reality!</p>



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Belated Introduction


Wow! I am so excited to be a part of this project! I know I have not yet posted an entry so I have to apologize to everyone out there who has been waiting. It’s just that between this project, work, and everything else I just couldn’t find the time. : (  Continuing on though…

I am Lune, I will be portraying Link in the Zelda Project. When I was first approached by Adella about being a part of this cosplay experience(over a year ago) I didn’t know what to say, it was a shock! I am a huge gamer, enjoying rpgs, real time strategy, and action rpgs of all sorts and some of my all time favorite games have been from the zelda series. (OOT being my favorite!) So, you can imagine my absolute willingness to jump head first into this project! Besides gaming I actually have quite a demanding work life. I am a district manager for a chain of dry-cleaners in Fresno. Needless to say…I am always busy.  But besides that I also enjoy working out, hiking in the woods, and delving into a good book (usually fantasy related).

I hope this small introduction has given you a glimpse into a little bit about me and what I do, and I can’t wait to update about all the crazy awesome things we have going on for this project!



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New Zelda Project YOUTUBE and Video!

We’ve set up a channel on YOUTUBE for The Zelda Project! Please check it out and subscribe. Feedback is always loved and appreciated. :)

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Link Progress!

Hey Everyone! So sorry that things have been slow going here. Money is tight for everyone involved in the project so we’ve been having to focus on our bills! But that being said, I have personally been able to get a little bit of Link completed! The tunic is almost finished (just need to hem and finish the inside of the collar facing), as well as the majority of the undergarments. I wanted to go with something that was drapey like a knit, but wouldn’t be too stretchy, so I decided to use 100% polyester 70 denier interlock. For the underclothes (the shirt and pants) I used poly ITY. The shirt itself looks slender, but it has a considerable amount of spandex and mechanical stretch to help form fit around Lune’s muscles. I love the silky hand to the fabric as well!

I know its hard to see what a garment looks like when it isn’t on a body, but this is the best I can do right now :) !

I had to run to the garment district to buy some emergency sample yardage for work today, and while I was cruising through Michael Levine’s I popped into their knit section and found the perfect ivory shade of ITY! I was really happy and grabbed it without much debate. Which of course, is funny, since I tend to be incredibly picky and never impulse-purchase fabric ever! As soon as I got home I started working on the under shirt and pants, and finished within 30 minutes of cutting. The only thing that’s left to do on the under shirt is the collar portion, which I will be doing out of a woven, so that it stands up properly, and attaching it to the shirt as a yoke.

Naturally my apartment was a disaster afterward :D ! Lune is coming into town on the 28th and we’ll be doing a fitting at that time and then I’ll be able to drape the collar on him properly. Yaaaay! Next up is wig work while I wait for Lune to come back!

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Princess Ruto, signing in!


Hey everyone!

My name is Nessa and I’m The Zelda Project’s Princess Ruto. I’ve been wanted to post something basically just saying hey and introducing myself to everyone, and so finally after Lillyxandra gave me a little nudge, I am. I’ve known Adella and Lillyxandra for over 8 years now but I’ve never done a project with both of them together so I’m very very excited about this! I love the Zelda series, I have been playing the series since I was just a little girl, Link to the Past being the first one I played. I still have the original shiny gold Nintendo cassette for the original Legend of Zelda game, so being a part of this is very exciting, especially doing it with a full group of friends. I respect and admire Adella’s work so much, and Lillyxandra is beyond an inspiration, so I know this group will be amazing!

So I figured I’d put in something about Ruto because I have a million ideas on how it will be done! I know it will be a spandex base bodysuit, airbrushed, but making the fins, and especially the head piece, are so much fun to brainstorm! I want the fins to look alive and not stiff, I want them to move, we’ll probably avoid conventional wire. Maryssa, our Impa, used a beautiful chiffon fabric for her Lady Vashj costume’s skirt and finger fins and it was wonderfully textured and just the right stiffness. I think that fabric is really influencing how I want Ruto’s fins to look, lol! It also want to hand dye the fin fabric so they don’t get stiff, though I’m sure there will be tons of airbrushing and paint involved too. So many ideas to play with! The head piece will also be an interesting sucker to tackle. We’ve talked about carving it out of special foam and covering it with latex which will attach all the way down to the nose prosthetic. What do you guys think about the thingerz on the side of her head? Do you think they’re eyes, markings, gems, or something else? I’d love to get other fans’ idea of what exactly those are, so tell me what you think!

Princess Ruto's head

Anyway, I just really wanted to introduce myself to the project! I’m excited, I can’t wait to recreate the Zora Princess and I hope I do a good job ^_^ If anyone wants to ask me anything, I made a forumspring.me thinking I was supposed to, but it is a good way to communicate with people, so I want to invite any questions people have about me. Seeing this project come to life means a lot, and of course Zelda fans are the most important part! Hopefully I’ll have some great updates soon! =D


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Sewing Zelda

Last night Sarah and I picked up from where we left off last time on the construction of Zelda. While watching Miyazaki films “The Cat Returns” and “Whispers of the Heart” neither of which Sarah has seen before so you can imagine how much work we completed ^_~

Zelda wears long cheongsam style dress. We decided that we would add a seam on the waist line in order to gather fabric at the sides and back ultimately giving the dress a fuller look. Did I mention she has a train!! I think I’m most excited about it, they are so elegant and feminine <3 We will be giving it a blind hem to finish it off.

And then there is the top half of the dress. Zelda’s mandarin collar has a geometrical shaped keyhole, which is going to be a bitch to make. Thankfully Sarah has taken it upon her self to make it accurate. That means that I was watching her for thirty minuets cutting out tiny pieces of pipping, meticulously matching them up cursing over and over till she got it right! We are making our own pink piping to match the fabric we will be using for the tunic thing-a-ma-bob.

So far so good! More to come on our sewing adventures!

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Wow I’m tired…


I haven’t stayed up till 3:30AM trying to build websites and code stuff in a long time! It kinda feels good and then I kinda remember why I didn’t like doing it.  Regardless though I feel successful.  I managed to get most of the pages working properly, though I still have many questions for our webmaster about the layout.  There are still many bugs with the site layout, and we’ll be fixing them as the weekend progresses.  I know I PROMISED in my interview on 91.8 The Fan that the site would be up on Wednesday, but stuff always gets pushed back from its release date! That’s normal!

Anyways I hope everyone enjoys the site.  Feedback is always appreciated.

*crashes to sleep*

P.S. Joellen, the peg board for all my serger thread is almost done.  The entire WALL is covered.  You gotta see this XD! Its time to start working on Princess Zelda, Link, and BLOGGING! Stay tuned everyone!

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Lillyxandra (Princess Zelda)

So Sarah and I think we are real life elves and feel it is our duty to show the world the true history of our rich heritage. In doing so we will recreate the epic tales of our Hero of Time through photoshoots.  We are dragging our friends and loved ones into our project by making them wear fantasy garb.

<3 JoEllen
”Hyrule – I want to go to there”

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