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Welcome to The Zelda Project

The Zelda Project is a Los Angeles, CA based group of fans who seek to bring to life the characters, settings, and overall feel of Ocarina of Time through photography and film.

A labor of love, this project combines all aspects of art from costuming & photography to CGI visual effects.  Our end goal is that we hope those of you who view our work are brought a little bit more into the world of Hyrule through our art.

2011 Cosplay Calendar for Charity

Good evening everyone!
Everyone here at the Zelda Project has jumped on board with Causeplay and their charitable cause for a strong step forward in helping children in the developing world by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. There is no bigger hope for the future than one that is populated by a world of educated citizens, so please help them and in doing so help others and yourself by investing just $15 for one of the magnificent calendars to seal the fate of a brighter future for all.

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Technical Difficulties


Hey there!

Navi and some pesky faeries got into our site layout and we’re working hard to de-bug. For the time being, we’ve reverted back to our original layout, but should have the new one up and running soon! Thanks so much for everything, and all of your amazing support!! xoxo

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Link and Saria

The tune was a clever one. Even the grumpiest of souls could not resist the urge to rise up on their toes and spin as the fairies did.

I always thought it was sad that Saria could not grow up, nor die, and that Link would someday pass away. This scene of Saria and Link playing the Ocarina never happened in the game, but it was something we wanted so badly to include! We ran out of time on this shoot to get all the interactive photos that we wanted, but what we did get we thought you all would love! A very sweet scene of childhood friends taking a moment to enjoy each other’s company.

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Link in the Lost Woods

A place of great mystery, guarded for centuries by ancient magic. To the Hylians it was forbidden and dangerous, where one could enter but never return. Only one Hylian was ever permitted to pass safely beneath its branches.

The boots, gloves, and belts are all real leather, which we will be distressing further in the future. The gloves are still in semi pristine order right now, because Link has just emerged from the Temple of Time in his new clothes! The sword and shield are made with a number of different materials including high density foam, fiberglass, and resin. We included with the shield some distressing, since he is able to use it as a kid, but we will embellish it further as time goes on! The tunic is made with rayon spandex jersey knit, and the underclothes are a combination of 100% linen and spandex ITY. I will be posting a more in depth “how it was made” on the website once all of the photos have been posted!

I am sort of enamored with the mystery of the Lost Woods. Since I played Link to the Past I have always had a special place in my heart for it. One of my favorite parts of the Ocarina of Time trading game was the part with the Mushroom, and Cucco Lady (Anju’s) brother.

Anybody who comes into the forest will be lost.
Everybody will become a Stalfos.

So much can be imagined by this idea, and the idea behind the Lost Woods!

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Saria turned to listen carefully. The faint sound of her beloved melody bridging a connection between herself and the keeper of her Fairy Ocarina. “Link…?” She asked, “This is Saria. Can you hear me?”

I think I will include costume notes from now on! 

The jumper is made with 100% cotton sweater knit with a slight lurex spun in to give it just enough “fairy sparkle.” The turtle neck is a 100% wool 5×3 rib knit. I hand dyed both the jumper fabric, and the turtle neck fabric to be the colors that I wanted.

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The Forest Song


A soft breeze crept through the ancient trees, stirring them ever so slightly. Mingling with the rustle of forest leaves was a faint yet familiar melody, a song that had been played for as long as the spirits could remember.

Another Wednesday and another photo to present. Link stops to rest by a shallow pool amidst the forest and plays the Ocarina. What song do you think he is playing? Please enjoy everyone!

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Zeldanime: A FANTASTIC Zelda Manga!

I’ve been following this Zelda fan manga for a while now, and just thought that I would share it with everyone. In the interest of Zelda fans, I feel that reading it and knowing about it is important! There are tons of quality art pieces out there, but I’ve found that this one in particular is an extremely well put together comic. It is written and illustrated as a collaboration between two very talented DA artists. OniChild who is in charge of doing the lineart, and CrazyFreak is in charge of colors. Both of them work very hard coming up with exciting and dynamic poses and storyboarding, and each page in the comic is done with absolute care. The story is written by the two of them, and is a throw back to older Zelda titles (Link with brown hair), and slightly inspired by the Zelda Cartoon from the 80s (that those of us old enough to have watched it as kids could really relate to!).

Check it out guys! If you are a fan of Zelda I think you’d really enjoy this story and comic: www.zeldanime.com

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The Road to the Lost Woods


This is the road to the lost woods. This footage will not be in the final release of the episode, but we thought we’d release it for you guys to see as a little teaser before the real thing! Enjoy! It was a very long but marvelous journey!

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