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Welcome to The Zelda Project

The Zelda Project is a Los Angeles, CA based group of fans who seek to bring to life the characters, settings, and overall feel of Ocarina of Time through photography and film.

A labor of love, this project combines all aspects of art from costuming & photography to CGI visual effects.  Our end goal is that we hope those of you who view our work are brought a little bit more into the world of Hyrule through our art.

News News and More News!

Some updates from the front lines!

We've got some fantastic things to share with all of you namely on the upcoming Hyrule Field and Lon Lon Ranch shoots that we are attempting to put together.

The search for Epona has proved to be very fruitful with the fantastic efforts of Sarah Durham and UrbanBallerina.  Where once we thought that we were running out of options to find Epona, we may be saved by the gracious horse-owners of the Fresno, CA local area.  We have meetings with several horse owners who are eager to see their beautiful animals portrayed as Link's noble steed! :)  Tomorrow will likely be the day that we find our model for Epona, so everyone keep your fingers and toes and eyes and hooves crossed.

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Which character(s) should Link meet next? RESULTS

Well the results are back from our first poll!

It would seem that most of you are interested in seeing Malon and Epona.  We must say, we were expecting that Princess Zelda would come in first, or at least at a close second, but Sheik seems to be the runner up to popular interest.  Lucky for everyone, Sheik's costume is nearly complete, and we've been planning Malon and Epona as our next photoshoot idea.

The status of the Hyrule Field/Malon photoshoot is depending on the ability to acquire a horse.  Horses are expensive, and transporting them is even moreso.  We've begun to put our fingers out into the Fresno, CA and Madera, CA area, where we intend to shoot Hyrule Field, but thus far we've yet to come up with much luck in finding a horse that resembles Epona.  There are a number of qualities that we are interested in to achieve the look of Epona, and those are the following:

-17hh or taller
-Chestnut or Similarly Colored
-Draft Breed (white feathers on hooves preferred)
-White Mane, Tail, and Face Blaze
-Gentle Mare or Gelding

We need to start spreading the word in order to find Epona by the time the shoot rolls around, or we'll once again be behind schedule.

Fire Temple Status Update: The Fire Temple is still moving slowly. We've acquired several new concept artists who are helping us work on the terrain, so hopefully within a few weeks we'll have something to show. Please be patient everybody!  Believe it when we say that we are just as frustrated as you are at the slowness of all of this!

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More from 3DS Buzz on Ocarina of Time!

We we have been given about 8 or so minutes of HD videos from 3DS Buzz of Ocarina of Time, courtesy of Nintendo World Report.  I can't tell you guys how excited everyone here is to play this.  While watching the videos, I was carefully scrutinizing the controls that were being used.  I was such a fan of the N64 Controller with OoT, so I'm interested to see how smooth the playing is with the 3DS.  The handler of this game however makes it appear that the circle pad is the preferred method of play, although I do like the idea of being able to use  both the motion censors and circle pad.

See below for the 2 videos! Hopefully you are as excited as we are!


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A Little Bit of Progress

Hey Everyone! Sarah here! Thought since we're still in the lull of the Fire Temple situation, that I would post some progress photos of things I've been slowly chipping away at over the holidays. While I'm normally pretty terrible at documenting my process, by chance I happened to remember to snap some photos while I was working on the Gerudo Valley costumes. We have the purple guards, Aveil/Jail Guard, and then Nabooru herself. This shoot has been pushed back in favor of other shoots.

All things aside, the Gerudo Valley shoot is an ambitious project that we don't want to 'half-ass' if you will.  The ideas that came out of our meetings back in the later part of 2010 demanded for a much broader time-frame in order to work on the costumes, as well as several of us being in a better financial situation, and work situation.  The shoot we desire would require those of us who are blessedly still employed to take several days off of work, and we would need a larger team of make-up artists than we already have now.

Read more about the shoot and see the gallery below!

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Not Seeing TZP's Posts on Facebook?

We thought we would notify everyone of this, because it would appear many people have not discovered the reasons behind why they don't see updates from a lot of their friends and fan pages!

FACEBOOK CHANGES - Written By Kellie Mairs

Have you noticed that you are only seeing updates in your newsfeed from the same people lately? Have you also noticed that when you post things like status messages, photos and links, the same circle of people are commenting and every……one else seems to be ignoring you?

Don’t worry, everyone still loves you and nobody has intentionally blocked you. The problem is that a large chunk of your friend/fan list can’t see anything you post and here’s why:

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Forum User Registration is Down

Hey Everyone,

Quick note.  We have disabled user registration on the forums in favor of registering here on the website.  You can find the login/registration on the upper right corner.  Currently there is no place to register on the forums, but you can login here on the main portion of the site and you will remain logged in if you decide to post on the forums.  If you encounter any problems, please let us know through the contact page!


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Welcome to the NEW Old-New Site!

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the new version of the old-new site!  We've had the pleasure of working with Lord Aurasia on this wonderful new Joomla website.  We owe an incredible thanks for all the efforts those of you who volunteered made, and every single email and offer we were grateful for.

Now then, please take a moment to poke around the website.  A few things:

  • You'll find far more information on this new version of TZP.net, including cast and crew bios, behind-the-scenes information, and even fun new fan interactivity such as fanart and addthis sharing for all your personal social networking sites.
  • The PHPBB forums are still there, and those of you who are registered on the forum have not lost your usernames, but we have great news!  You can now use your forum usernames in order to post comments onto the main part of the website.  If you are unregistered, please take the time to register so we can hear from you!
  • Lastly, if you find any bugs, typographical errors, or anything worth reporting, feel free to either comment here, or emails us so that we can resolve it speedily.


Please enjoy everyone! We'll keep the updates coming!

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Several Things to Update!

Hello Everyone,

Its been a long time since we updated. We apologize for that. The holidays took quite a lot of the focus away from the project, since team members were spending the majority of their time with families. We will admit, 2011 has started out rough for many of the crew, but we are hanging on! That being said, we have some announcements.

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The Zelda Project is for entertainment purposes only and is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Co., Ltd., Legend of Zelda, or any of its respected licensees. The content is for the exclusive use of the end user, and may not be sold, rented, or used for any commercial enterprise. We make no claim to any characters, storylines, prop designs, names, logos, or situations that are trademarked, copyrighted, or otherwise protected by federal, state, international, or other intellectual property law. This work is produced solely for the personal, uncompensated enjoyment of ourselves and other Zelda fans.

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