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Welcome to The Zelda Project

The Zelda Project is a Los Angeles, CA based group of fans who seek to bring to life the characters, settings, and overall feel of Ocarina of Time through photography and film.

A labor of love, this project combines all aspects of art from costuming & photography to CGI visual effects.  Our end goal is that we hope those of you who view our work are brought a little bit more into the world of Hyrule through our art.

TZP Update: A Change of Pace

Good evening everyone, there are some rumors floating around regarding the fate of this project as being 'over', well you can definitely rest assured that it is most certainly NOT.

We have run into many issues with the reliability of certain crew members over the course of the last 6 months and volunteers giving us the slip with little or no notice just moments before the last shoot which as you can imagine, has caused some serious conflicts in the shot storyboards.  Even with all this we managed to regroup and establish a more stream lined crew of stone cold Zelda freaks who will give everything to deliver what we have envisioned since the beginning.

There have been some heated internal debates happening and after several meetings with the remaining TZP crew members, we've decided to put the photo portion of the project on hiatus so that we can place more focus on the production schedule for the long awaited TZP trailer.  We apologize for all this, but we aren't throwing in the towel just yet.

Thank you to all who have stuck it out with us and donated to the project!  So with that said, please take note that we have refunded all of the more recent donations.  Keep posted for more to come...

~TZP Staff.



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Friday the 13th Won


So Murphy's Law hooked up with Friday the 13th and what could have gone wrong did go wrong.  On Thursday evening we found out quite late in the day that one of our make-up artists had melted Malon's ears, and had also decided she wasn't coming to the shoot at all.  Now, we do all of our ears custom to our models, and they are all sculpted to look similar to each other so there is species continuity.  There was no possible way we could recast Malon's ears, re-sculpt them, then pull another mold and create another set of molds off of that in 3 hours, especially when we are out of supplies to do so.  So, without Malon's ears, or the make-up artist, we couldn't do the photoshoot.  There is far too much involved considering the safety precautions and preparation for the horse, getting the horse into costume, warming the horse up, and getting ourselves into costume, to be able to pull it all off without the help of the entire crew.  By the time we found out that the ears were melted, Indigo was already 20 miles outside of Fresno after a 225 mile drive from his house.  We were both upset that we found out this news so late in the day, but at that point there was nothing we could do but call it off, and notify the owner of the horse, and the horse trainer that the shoot had been canceled.

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Epona Lesson 3 Video!

We're back with another Epona lesson!  It was extremely rainy and cold, and Jerry was out sick, but we were still able to have a fantastic lesson.  We discovered very quickly that Big John does not like motors, such as the sump pump being used outside of the stable to keep the water from flooding the horse stalls, or the pattering of the rain on the roof of the stable itself.  He was a bit nervous, but he and Lune still did excellent despite these hurdles!  Have a look and enjoy the progress!

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Epona Lesson 2 Video

The Zelda Project team is at it again, this time by making preparations for Hyrule Field / Lon Lon Ranch photo set. We will be attempting stunts with Epona, an 18HH Belgian and American Cream mix Draft named "Big John" (who just loves to eat!). Follow Anthony, AKA Lune and model for Link, as he undergoes rigorous training from Dawn Stafford, a professional rider and horse trainer with over 30 years in experience under her belt.  Over the next month or so we will be releasing lesson segments for you to watch the progression up until the day of the shoot!


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Registration is DOWN

Hi Everyone,

Due to the influx of spammers as of recently, we have disallowed user registration on the site until the time comes that our webdev can install a spamblocker.  The spam on the forums was getting out of hand, and becoming extremely agitating for the moderators to keep up with.  Registration should be going back up within a month or so.  If you are interested in making an account to leave comments or post on the forums, please send an email through our contact page with your desired username, and we will create it, and then give you a general password which you can change once you have logged in.

Thanks for your continued support!

~TZP Crew

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Link's First Horseback Riding Lesson!

Today marked the historic day of the first time Lune met Big John.  Yes, that's right... his name is Big John, not Johnny.  I have this tendency to call every Jon or John I know "Jonny/Johnny" out of force of habit, and so this unfortunate horse also fell victim to my silly petname habits!  But I have rectified this, as hard as it has been and as much as I want to add a Y to his name for no other reason than I think he's incredibly cute despite his nearly 2000lbs of pure muscle!

With such fabulous people working with us, I'm certain this is going to be an amazing photoshoot!  We've got a lot of ideas for what we want to do, and we're really hoping we can pull them off.  More photos and behind-the-scenes footage to follow in subsequent lessons.

Please read more for the gallery!


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User Comment Posting

Just a little update:  Everyone who is registered should now be able to post comments on the main site.  If you were having trouble before logging in and posting comments, try it now and see if you are able to post a comment.  I've gone through and manually fixed everyone's username (as well as pruned about 2000 spammers).  If for some reason your username was deleted in the spammer-pruning process, just go ahead and re-register.  I apologize if I accidentally deleted someone who was a legitimate user!

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Hello Epona!

Well we were hoping that we would have good news for everyone, and we do!  Our first stop this morning was at a wonderful little stable where we were introduced to Jerry, and his sweet American Cream & Belgian mix gelding named Big Johnny.  I felt an immediate connection with Johnny, as well as Jerry.  He was kind and generous and is very excited to see his horse in action modeling the Hero of Time's beloved steed.  We couldn't have been blessed with a better horse and owner to be working with, and we're very excited for everyone to see the photos.  We've yet to lock an exact date for the shoot, but we'll be doing our best to get some behind-the-scenes footage of Lune meeting Johnny and learning how to ride.  It's kind of funny, I've done plenty of costumes before in my life, but I never thought that I would be doing a horse cosplay.  Yes!

Read more for the photos! :)

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